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Our factory is located in Yozgat with a closed area of 2.500 m2, built on a land of 10.000 m2 in the Organized Industrial Zone. The Organized Industrial Zone was established in 1999, by the help of an incentive granted by the state. Following the completion of its cash capital at the amount of, its factory building at the value of 300.000.000.000 TL and its machinery park at the value of, it started to carry out the production activity.

Among the main products of our factory, there are humic acid groups, dripping leaf fertilizer group, organic fertilizers chelated with humic acid and composed fertilizers (NPK) processed with humic acid.
As all of our products are produced by the utilization of domestic resources, they are introduced to the Turkish agriculture industry and farmers with %50 compatible prices when compared with the foreign products. All of our products are produced in along with the licenses obtained from Turkish Republic Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs.

Our products not only bear our label, but also they are being produced by firms making production at international scale as an outsourcing service. Agricultural Chemicals are among our prospective investment fields.
Our firm, who continues its commercial activities at home and abroad in terms of production and distribution network, has been exporting since 2002. Our commercial relations, which started with Greece and Israel, continues with many other countries.

Our firm enjoys the pride and the pleasure of delivering goods of high quality with the cheapest prices and working on a wide market network .


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