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Delta Super Humus
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As it is stated earlier, humic acids can not be produced synthetically as they can only be obtained from natural resources. The richest humus source is leonardite which is formed by plant residues once in 1.5- 3 million years. It includes approximately 50% moisture, 30-40 % humic acid and 10-20% inorganic substances. The inorganic substances in it are very useful as these nutrients are plant residue. It is composed of humic acid, fulvic acid and ulmic acid. Humic acids have a polymeric structure that does not dissolve much and they do not get washed off from the soil. On the contrary, they function with the plant nutritive substances and help them pass into the plant. The content of plant nutritive substance in a fertile soil should be as it is in the following:

Organic substances 4.0 - 10.0 Iron 0.5 -5.0
Nitrogen 0.20 -0.50 Magnesium 0.1 -1.0
Phosphorous 0.02 -0.40 Zinc 0.003 -0.008
Potassium 0.20 -4.00 Bor 0.003 -0.008
Calcium 0.10-5.00 Copper 0.001 -0.005
Magnesium 0.20 -2.50 Cobalt 0.003 -0.005
Sulphur 0.02-.0.50 Molibden 0.003 -0.005
  Humic Acids 0.015-0.500


When it is present under this amount, the plant can not nourish efficiently and the productivity decreases conversely, when it is present above this amount, the plant is poisoned and as it can not grow enough, the productivity decreases. In the event that there is deficiency of humus, the plant can not receive the nutrient sufficiently and thus a decrease in yield is observed. The amount of humus in the soil is very important in order to grow healthy plants. Delta Super Humus overcomes this deficiency in the soil. There is accumulation of phosphorous in our soil due to the excessive use of the fertilizers and this has decreased the productivity of our soil. In Middle Anatolia Region, an increase in the yield of wheat and improvement in the soil is achieved by the use of Delta Super Humus, without using phosphate fertilizers.
Delta Super Humus enables the intake of some micro nutrition elements such as zinc, iron and magnesium which can not be taken due to the excessive amount of phosphorous. It decreases the pH of the soils that have high amount of alkaline. It increases the water retention capacity of sandy soils. It increases the ventilation capacity of soil with heavy clay, by forming pores in it. It provides early harvesting of the product and improves the quality. It can be spread over with agricultural tools such as dibbing machine. It shows its influence if it is applied after rain or irrigation. It can be mixed as one unit per one unit of seed and spread over the soil.


Delta Super Humus enables the plants receive all kinds of nutritive substances given to the soil easily. Thus it lowers the cost of the product by increasing the productivity.
Delta Super Humus helps the retention of the nutrients in the soil and makes them remain in a form that can be used by the plants, by regulating the acidity (pH) of the soil.
Delta Super Humus makes the water retained in the sandy soil and thus helps the seed sprout early. It also forms pores in the soil and thus improves its capacity to retain water.
Delta Super Humus makes some nutritive substances such as zinc, iron, potassium and magnesium take a form that can be taken by the plants easily.
Delta Super Humus creates a form which is more useful for the plants when it is mixed with fertilizers including nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
Delta Super Humus prevents the accumulation of salt and bor poisoning in the soil. It improves the way the air and water move in the soil.

Organic Material 60.00
Humic+Fulvic Acid 55.00
Maximum moisture 25.00
PH 6-8


Vegetable and cereals 20 - 100 kg / da Apply 20-50 kg/da for soil with pH less then 7.apply 50-100 kg/da for soil with pH greater than 7. aspply before seedling or mix with seed and apply.
Fruit trees, apple, pear, peach, vineyard 3 - 8 kg / tree Apply to the root region, at late autourn.
Green House 200 - 400 kg / da Apply before seedling
Tobaco plant, cotton, corn, sun flower etc... 20 - 100 kg / da Apply before seedling
Mixing with seeds İn a ratio 1/1 20 kg of seed mixed with 20 kg of Delta Humus and mix well and apply with holder.
Artifical soil Mix 1 - 10 % ratio For nursery crops. Ornamentals soil preperation.
Lawn and Golf course 20 - 30 kg / da Before seedling or already existing freild apply in late autourn or early spring.





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