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Delta Organic Lawn
  Delta Organic Lawn  


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Delta ORGANIC LAWN(16+2+2)

Delta Organic Lawn is a slow-release type fertilizer. It does not get washed off from the soil as it exists in connection with nitrogen fertilizer with humic acid. All of the nitrogen is taken by the lawn. Thus a great amount of fertilizers can be saved. While only 10-20 % of the nitrogen fertilizers such as ammonium or urea is taken by the lawn, all of the nitrogen that exists in Delta Organic Lawn is absorbed by the lawn.
In addition humus, as an organic substance, changes the physical and chemical features of the soil and thus it helps the lawn receive other nutritive substances that it needs.
As a result, you can have a dark green lawn field and healthy lawn 10 kg per decare in spring, 10 kg per decare in autumn would be enough.

  • DELTA ORGANIC LAWN includes some of the macro nutritive substances such as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium and some of the micro nutritive substances such as iron, manganese and zinc.
  • DELTA ORGANIC LAWN was prepared in such a way that it creates best results when it is used in the amounts recommended.
  • Required N.P.K is taken periodically by the plant.
  • By the help of the micro elements that exist in the DELTA ORGANIC LAWN, your lawn will be lively and dark green.
  • DELTA ORGANIC LAWN imposes no harm on the plant, when it is used with the right dosages.


  • It is applied by sprinkling it down by hand , as 10 -20 gr per m2 on the existing grassy areas. Irrigation should be made after DELTA ORGANIC LAWN is applied.
  • It is applied as 30- 40 gr per m2 , for the grassy areas that will be prepared for the first time.
  • Recommended application period is once in spring and once in autumn.







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