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DELTA HUMATE is a humic acid that is prepared in the water with potassium and it has a biological activity which is increased. Thus it reaches the root during irrigation and shows its effects in a short time due to the fact that it dissolves in the water. It is produced in accordance with the operating permission dated 05.05.2000 and numbered 3-92 and the license dated 08.08.1997 and numbered 3238 obtained from Turkish Republic Ministry of Agricultural and Rural Affairs.
Delta Humate which is produced with domestic technology and raw materials has been used by Turkish farmers since 1997. It is more economical when compared with its rivals. It is used for all kinds of plants. It can be applied in a mixture with plant nourishment substances from the soil or it can be applied from the leaf. It can also be mixed with herbicites and pesticides. It can be given to the soil by dripping irrigation.

Scientific studies proved that productivity increases significantly when humic acids exists at the rate of 0.05% in the soil. DELTA HUMATE supports plant growth due to the high cation change capacity of the acids and water emission feature. However the most significant feature of DELTA HUMATE is that it converts insoluble nutrition elements into soluble nutrition elements and transmits them into the plants. Benefits of the Humic acid can be classified into three groups, as physical benefits, chemical benefits and the biological ones.
1.Physical benefits: It heals the structure of the soil. It prevents the loss of water and nutrients in light and sandy soils. It ventilates the soil and make makes the cultivation of the soil easier in heavy and intensive soils. It combines tiny soil pieces and thus it prevents cracking in the soil and improves the cultivation efficiency. It also improves the water retension capacity of the soil and accordingly the resistance of it against drought. It helps soil make use of the sun energy more and efficiently it makes the color of the soil darker.
2.Chemical benefits: Delta Humate regulates pH value, neutralizing acidic and alkaline soils. It makes the plant receive the nutrients at a sufficient level, thus the plants nourishe itself in an healthy way. In addition, it converts nutrients in alkaline soils to soluble ones and helps the receipt of the nutrient by the roots. It has a high capacity of cation change and it prevents chemical fertilizers from being washed off with water.
3.Biological benefits: Delta Humate accelerates the formation of the root. It provides early harvest. It prevents fertilizers from being washed off. When it is used with animal dung, it prevents bad smell and accelerates decay. It encourages the reproduction of benign bacteria that exist in the soil. It also accelerates the decay of the pesticide, herbicide residue. In addition it prevents erosion.

Humic acid 120 g / L
Potassium oxide 30 g /L

ml / da
ml / da
Tomato, pepper, Cucumber, melon, Beans 800-1000 100-200 Apply banded on seed bed. After bloming apply from foliar dilated with 100 L of water.
Patatos, Carrots, onions 800-1000 80-100 Before seedling or later it can be applied by mixing with herbicides.
Fruits, Decidios trees, vineyards, berries. 1600-2000 - Apply to the root region blooming.After blooming apply by mixing with foliare fertilizers or pesticides dileting 100 L of water.
Nuts, citrus. 1500-2000 60-100 Early spring, apply roots area. After blooming apply from foliare dileting with 100 L of water.
Ornamentals and Nursery crops 1500-2000 60-100 Dilate with 100 L of water and irrigate.
Cotton 1000 500 Before seedling apply banded on seed bed. After leaf out, apply from foliare ones or twice dilated with 100 L of water.





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